What does it cost for a quote for my job?

There is no charge for a quote.

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How long does it take for a quote?

Typically it will take 24 to 48 hours after receiving the necessary drawings/definition.

Do you quote by the hour or by the job?

Quotes are usually per part, plus a setup charge. R&D and prototype development jobs are usually priced per hour. You are welcome to witness your job.

When will I know how long it will take to run my job? (And when will you start?)

After the quote is accepted, your job will be placed on our work schedule. Your timing will depend on the availability of the particular machine required for your parts. We will work with you to meet your forecasted date.

Do you support FAA repair stations?

Electron Beam Welding LLC participates in a FAA drug/alcohol testing consortium.

We can provide electron beam welding process for FAA Repair Stations that require this outside service. We certify our process and welcome process audits to assure the integrity and quality that FAA airworthiness certifications require.