“Electron beam welding is preferred … for manufacturing high-value welds: those in which defects cannot be tolerated.”

— Science and Technology Review, March/April 2008:
Standardizing the Art of Electron Beam Welding


If you are starting a new project, we can help with electron beam welding joint design, qualification requirements, and testing.


We can provide electron beam welding support and a quote for your in-development product.

  • Flexible job shop
  • Long term perspective


Quality control is our foremost concern on every job. We are extensively qualified and offer more than 50 years of experience.

Commercial and Government Experience

Our experience with electron beam welding in aerospace and high technology is invaluable. It has also given us a thorough knowledge of electron beam welding NASA/DOD procedures and specifications for all prime and second tier contractors.

Electron Beam Welding LLC works with many industrial and commercial manufacturers throughout the United States, as well as a wide variety of respected companies in the following fields:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Scientific Research
  • Medical
  • General Manufacturing
10,000 Square Feet



Electron Beam Welding’s 10,000 square foot facility in Southern California houses leading-edge equipment designed to provide the most consistent precision welds available today.

Machines & Equipment

50 Years of Practical Knowledge

Electron Beam Welding is the first choice of our industry’s leading customers.

Since we opened our doors in 1966, our metallurgical knowledge, welding experience, technical expertise, and grasp of diverse electron beam welding processes have made us a premier partner for anyone in need of an EB weld for more than 50 years. There are over 4,000 Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) in our files for us to draw on for your needs.

Contact us about your project’s Electron Beam Welding needs now!

Our resources include more than 4,000 Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS) that can be applied to your project needs.

EBW Design Considerations

Visit our Quality page for information on our certifications.

EBW Quality

Electron Beam Welding Capabilities

The high energy of electron beam welding makes it possible to weld deep weld joints in a single pass — deeper than other welding processes. One pass penetrations from .0025 inches up to 4 inches are possible (in steel).

Minimal Heat Input & Distortion

A major advantage of electron beam welding is the low total energy (heat) input. Electron beam weld penetration is quick with a high depth to width ratio, which results in low heat input.

No Contamination or Oxidation

Electron beam welding is performed in high vacuum and uses no filler material, thus having virtually no sources of contamination or oxidation during the weld process.

Material Flexibility

The electron beam welding process can weld most types of metals. Dissimilar metal combinations can also be welded using the electron beam welding process. Please contact us to find out if your material choices are right for electron beam welding.

Quality & Transparency

Quality system surveys are welcome regarding our electron beam welding procedures. New and existing customers are welcome to set up an audit or tour of our facility in Buena Park, California, to learn more about our capabilities.